olivier jeannin - photographer

- born in paris, raised almost anywhere
- 24 years of intensive photography
- 10 years experience in international marketing
- 6 years of luxury hotel experience

 the photographic image is the extension in time of a static visual stimuli; sure, but not only . it is so much more. the photographic act is the author’s own and is directly related not only to the visual and emotional intelligence of the photographer but also to his-her choices and non-choices. to photograph is to include and exclude all at once. this is what makes the purely subjective beauty of photography.

the technique is important insofar as it serves the emotional intent of the image. however, the technique is often vector of emotion, when used wisely. this is also why I am constantly experimenting with alternative photographic techniques as a research and inspiration. 

well, enough said, after this pretty philosophical lyrical passage let’s go back and see some images!

olivier jeannin
+41 79 811 46 76


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