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The Vintage studio: A TIME MACHINE!

The Vintage Studio works with a 160 years old photographic technique, called Wet Plate Collodion, producing stunning and unique images directly on a black metal plate or on glass.

The Vintage Studio comes with a full MOBILE DARKROOM and a studio, then we produce picture right here on your location. It takes about 12 minutes to create a unique picture... 

Available for a wide variety of projects and events, we invite you to find out more about the technique and our packages here under!



In a few words here is the explanation: Wet Plate Collodion is one of the earliest photographic processes. Invented in 1851 by Frederick Scott Archer.  It is a complicated process involving the coating of either a sheet of glass (referred to as an Ambrotype) or a sheet of aluminium (referred to as a tintype) with collodion.

Collodion is a thick and syrupy liquid made by dissolving nitrated cotton in a mixture of alcohol and ether. To make collodion useable in a photographic process, it first must be mixed with sensitive salts such as potassium iodide and cadmium bromide. The collodion is then poured onto the “plate” and sensitised in a bath of silver nitrate. Once sensitised, the plate is exposed in the camera before the collodion has a chance to set and dry, hence the name “wet plate”.

After exposure in the camera, the plate is quickly returned to the darkroom where an acidic solution of iron sulfate is used to develop the plate. It is then rinsed with water and fixed in a mild solution of sodium thiosulphate.

The process can produce either a negative (on glass) which can then be printed as a positive image later, or a positive image can be produced on the glass or aluminium plate depending on variations in exposure and development.

Et voila, did you get it? It is much more fun to actually see the process happening...


Reportage Frenzy: You have a product anchored in tradition and would like to share it in style and authenticity: Look no further, we are what you need. Meaningful reportage are our favorite thing! With a shoot on your premises with our mobile darkroom, you get a range of unique 100% chemical images to communicate about your company, staff and product!  

Contact us to discuss the matter and book your session!


The Eye Opener: You have an event and you would like an cultural, fun and memorable animation, the Vintage studio will give you all this. We come to your event and shoot portraits of your guests so they can leave with a ferrotype that will last for years! For small events only as we can shoot a maximum of 6 individual portraits per hour!

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Just married!: Tired of digital images that will sit on a hard drive and never be looked at again? invite us and we will capture you and the crowd in a unique fashion! We offer one of kind unique images, placing your wedding in your history! Shooting session will need a minimum of 2 hours for couple photos. 

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Corporate Headshot!: Corporate portraits, yes, but with a twist! and a big one! A ferrotype will give your team, management team a look and feel rarely achieved by digital photography. It will give character, style and wit to your image!  

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